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Week 12: Mobile, Wireless, and Ubiquitous Learning

Week 12: March 29, 2010

I was once again the moderator and cool resource leader this week. While there were many cool resources to find and share, the articles were limited. Due to technology changing so quickly, it is difficult for research and current writings to keep up the pace.

As a review, Dr. Bonk shared the following for all:
Web 1.0: individual, browsing, reading, evaluative, reading, etc,

Web 2.0: social, reacting, commenting, writing to the Web,.

On article that was interesting but somewhat dated was: Traxlar, John (2007, June). Defining, discussing and evaluating mobile learning: The moving finger writes and having writ…. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. 8(1). Retrieved July 2,2007, from

The paper explores and articulates these issues and the connections between them specifically in the context of the wider and sustained development of mobile learning. **Remember that this article was written in 2007 so it is a bit behind regarding technology.

The article defines mobile learning as a 'relatively immature field'. The article also states that there has not been much exploration of the actual technologies or pedagogies in any detail to define questions for discussion and to provide answers for what might in fact be premature or inappropriate questions. It states it is too early to describe or analyze the specifics of mobile learning for distance learning since the field, as a whole, is new and accounts are relatively sparse. The synergy between mobile learning and distance learning, however, holds enormous potential. **Again, I find this very interesting that an article just 3 years old is quite outdated.

Another article that was particularly interesting pertaining to teens was: Lenhart, Amanda, Madden, Mary, & Hitlin, Paul (2005). Teens and technology: Youth are leading the transition to a fully wired and mobile nation. Washington, DC: Pew Internet & American Life Report. Retrieved on November 3rd, 2006 from
This article is 5 years old and while it provides great statistics, I am sure they are not accurate. It would be great to have access to current data to compare.

At the time this article was written, it was cited that 57% of online teens create content for the internet. That amounts to half of all teens ages 12-17, or about 12 million youth. These 'Content Creators' report having done one or more of the following activities: create a blog; create or work on a personal webpage; create or work on a webpage for school, a friend, or an organization; share original content such as artwork, photos, stories, or videos online; or remix content found online into a new creation. Other noted creative mobile credits in the article include:

1. The most popular Content Creating activities are sharing self-authored content and working on web pages for others.
2. 33% of online teens share their own creations online, such as artwork, photos, stories, or videos.
3. 32% say that they have created or worked on web pages or blogs for others, including those for groups they belong to, friends or school assignments.
4. 22% report keeping their own personal webpage.
5. 19% have created their own online journal or blog.
6. About one in five internet-using teens (19%) says they remix content they find online into their own artistic creations.

Interesting links: new skype application with Verizon views on wireless and broadband developments as of early 2010 -DA Mobile learning & content delivery via any cellphone or smartphone. Imagining the Future of Learning (past and future) Very interesting Digital Individualized Educational Plan....

Finally, this week, the iPad was released. Lisa’s mom got one and Lisa shared the following info in our forum:

10 Reasons the iPad is Magic (Here are her top 10 reasons she is in love with it)

1. Able to learn tools in seconds instead of months like other programs I’ve used
2. You can paint pictures right on the screen
3. You can prop it on a pillow on your lap without it getting hot
4. It’s easy to carry around
5. It has thousands of apps
6. Just one app, Sketchbook Pro, has enough brushes to paint a masterpiece
7. I can keep it until I die and never use all the apps
8. You can order your book instantly and read it now
9. Apple tools are waayy easier than Microsoft ones to use and understand
10. Steve Jobs is right, “It’s magic!”

I don’t think I will be getting an iPad anytime soon but it sure is exciting how much is going on in the world of technology. I am a visionary and dreaming of how nursing education can best utilize all these technological opportunities for learning.


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