Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 13: Educational Blogging

Week 13: April 5, 2010

Blogging is new for me. I had heard of blogging but had not been a ‘blogger’ before this course. I like the way that Steve (from my class) summed blogging as a means to link one's learning, to pull it all together. I totally agree with Steve. I think the blogging assignment for this course has allow me to ‘pull it all together’ and reflect as a weekly diary.

The Adobe Connect gathering this week was with Steve Downes. I was unable to attend live but did enjoy listening to the archived presentation. He is the KING of Blogging. Downes stated this during the adobe session: "About blogging, he noted that it induces new ideas and creativity, you learn better by blogging than by merely listening because you are actively engaged. He said it is similar to taking notes during a presentation.....the notes can be tossed when it's over because the act of taking notes engaged you in the presentation and their 'quality' is of no accord."

Dr. Bonk explains in the forum this week: “The comparison between the traditional weblog – blog and the use of Twitter as a blogging tool is traditional blogging includes diary type entries, short essays, whereas microblogging is instant quick exchanges of ideas and thoughts. Microblogging is also considered part of the social networking genre and mobile connectivity that has exploded over the past few years.”

Twitter is also highly valuable. It interacts with people instantaneously. Information can be communicated via twitter for schedule changes, changes in conference agendas, notification of social events,etc.. I am not a twitter gal either but enjoy reading twitter pages of famous people. I have become a huge fan of Adam Lambert from last years American Idol (he was the runner up). I like his music and have followed his twitter page because I am a nosey old woman.

Cool Resources that were my Favorites: (great site to explore for creativity with blogging) (another great site to possible use for online learning with nursing students) (incorporates videos with blogging) (10 Ways Twitter will change blog design in 2009) “10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers” This is called ‘Sixth Sense’ in which technology will someday know our thoughts and anticipate thinking… intriguing

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