Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 15: Networks of Personalized Learning (e.g., language learning, tutoring, etc.)

Week 15:

We have gotten a bit ahead in our course since we kept having online class during Spring Break Week. This week was really a time for catch up on assignments and posting final projects under the Week 15 Cool Resource Forum.

I hope to have my Final project up very soon. Many of my peers are quite creative and have submitted interesting You Tubes for their final projects.

Included in our assignments are a reflective paper regarding our Educational Blog experience this semester and our Top Ten 'Tidbits' from extra readings through out the semester.

While this has been a crazy busy semester for me personally, I feel I have refined my elearning knowledge and am even more passionate about integrating technology into my face to face classes as well as my online courses.

Dr. Bonk has the ability to push all of us to the next level in learning. I really appreciate his enthusiasm and knowledge.

As far as what I would recommend for faculty in nursing education.... do not be afraid to try anything to make a course more interesting and engaging. Include the students and let them do most of the work... they will learn more and thank you later. Also, take advantage of free courseware that is available. Why re-create the wheel if it is already done for you?

The World is Open for Nursing Education and ALL levels of learning. As Dr. Bonk States: WE - ALL - LEARN!


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